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Slurry Pump For Metallurgy

Metallurgy is the study of the process of separating and concentrating raw materials. It includes all the physical and chemical processes used to produce minerals and materials. Metal smelting methods are mainly divided into two categories: pyrometallurgy and hydrometallurgy. Slurry pump for metallurgy is mainly used in metal beneficiation and hydrometallurgy.

1.What is hydrometallurgy ?

Hydrometallurgy refers to the process of smelting the substances involved in the reaction in aqueous solution at low temperature. The main processes can be divided into: leaching, purification, aqueous solution electrolysis, distillation, extraction, ion exchange, etc.

2.Advantages and disadvantages of Hydrometallurgy


1) Able to handle raw materials of various grades;

2) Can handle complex mineral raw materials;

3) The effect of comprehensive recovery and utilization of multi metals is good;

4) Less smoke pollution.


1) Low production capacity, huge equipment and high cost;

2) High energy consumption;

3) There are pollution and treatment problems of wastewater and waste residue.