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Slurry Pump Abrasion Analysis

The mechanical parts of slurry pump wear out during use, normal abrasion is divided into three stages:
1, the run-in phase, after a certain running time,surface gradually polished, wear rate slow,and gradually become to a normal and stable wear stage, abrasion in run-in phase is an advantageous wear process.
2, normal wear stage, normal wear stage belongs to stabilize wear process of the normal operation . In order to guarantee access to higher parts life and should take all effective measures,as much as possible to make wear rates of this part reduce to smallest and try to prolong their uptime.
3, serious wear stage, normal abrasion to a certain time, or due to accidental external factors, there is a greater change in part size, so that the large increase abrasion lead to parts damage quickly.
Many factors affect the abrasion,slurry pumps are sure to perform routine maintenance, periodic maintenance.

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