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Slurry pump working principle

The main working parts of slurry pump are impeller and casing,the impeller within the casing located shaft,it and the prime mover connected to form a whole.the impeller blades forced the fluid rotate.At the same time, the fluid in the inertial force, the flow from the center to the edge of the impeller, and at high speed flows out the impeller into the pressure out of the room, and thenthe flow is discharged through the diffuser, this process is called pressurized water process.Meanwhile, the center of the impeller fluid flow edge, forming a low pressure area in the center of the impeller, when it has sufficient vacuum, fluid through the suction chamber into the impeller in the suction side pressure(usually atmospheric pressure), this process is called absorption process. Due to continuous rotation of the impeller, the fluid will discharge and inhalecontinuously to form a continuous work.

In fact,slurry pump work process is an energy transfer and change  process.

slurry pump



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