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SGB conducted power distribution emergency drill

“Sir, the power distribution room faults have been processed, and with confirmation by the person in charge of electrical equipment, equipment status is normal. Whether to issue the power supply directive, please indicate”. With the end of the report of the electrical rush-repair group leader, this power distribution emergency drill was completed successfully.



Before the emergency drill, the equipment management department of SGB has worked out a detailed plan, and introduced to the employees the drill procedure and the safety knowledge about fire-fighting, alerting, evacuating, etc. Drill staff orderly acted under the unified command of the safety department. During the drill, after discovering the abnormal situation, the power distribution room’s duty staff firstly called the shift electrician to look up the causes. Upon confirming the location of the danger, they directly took on-site emergency measures. Under the cooperation of related departments, equipment quickly returned to normal operation.


This emergency drill further improved the ability of staff to deal with emergencies and laid a solid foundation for the safety production of SGB.


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