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A New Casting Technology - Lost Foam Casting

In recent years, the state has taken strict control of energy consumption and production cost in machinery manufacturing industry. In response to this national policy, SGB has introduced a new lost foam casting production line.
The work principle of lost foam casting: Firstly, the foam moulds similar to the size and shape of casting are bonded together as a mould cluster. After brushing fireproof coating and drying, the mould cluster shall be buried in dry quartz sand for vibration moulding. And then conduct pouring under negative pressure, causing the mould cluster to vaporize, the liquid metal will occupy the position of mould. After solidification and cooling, the casting is finally formed. 
Lost foam casting process has the following advantages:
1. High quality and low cost.
2. High casting precision, smooth surface and less machining allowances.
3. High density of casting internal structure.
4. Flexible design. It provides much freedom for casting structure design and can produce highly complex castings by combination of the polyfoam moulds.
5. Clean production. No chemical binder in molding sand. Polyfoam is harmless to the environment at low temperature.
Writer: Wang Zhiyu


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