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Slurry Pump Operations

When slurry pumps work, the pump needs to be placed on land, water pipe is placed in the water, start need priming pump. Due to structural limitations of dredger pump and slurry pump structural limitations, during work, motor needs to be placed over the water, pump is placed into the water, therefore must be fixed, otherwise, the motor fell into the water can lead to scrapped. And because the major axis length is generally fixed, so the pump installation more difficult, the application of the occasion subject to many restrictions.

If you have a spare pump, it is best to use two pumps alternately, we can be added a net at the water inlet, not too many impurities into the pump, which can ensure that the pump life is longer.

Pump should be divided into power and machines, for the machine, according to previous maintenance records to understand the machine. For the power, we understand each pump motor power, we should have a certain understanding for control system.

Slurry Pump


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