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Horizontal Desulfurization Pump Caution

Installation process of horizontal desulfurization pump need to be very careful, before the official opening, we should have some considerations about desulfurization pump.

1. When the lifting, we should pay attention to protect the pump from damage.

2. If the temperature drops below 0 ℃, but the sewage did not freeze, the pump can continue to use.

3. The pump can not be placed at the inlet of sewage pond. When the pump holder on the floating sand or mud, due to vibration, resulting in subsidence, in this case, we recommend that the pump on a large plate.

4. The inner diameter of the water pipe should match with inner diameter of the pump outlet.

5. When the pump work in sewage, if the surrounding has mud accumulation, which will reduce the speed of transmission and shorten the life of the pump. Under the case of more debris in the pool, it is recommended to place a filter in the periphery of the pump, the filter wrapped up pump to prevent large debris entering the pump.

6. Pay attention, before cut off the power, not move or lift the pump.

Horizontal Desulfurization Pump


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