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Why Does Slurry Pump Not Start?

In the slurry pump use, we often encounter a variety of problems, can not start is the most common one.

The main reason for Slurry pump can not be started are the following:
1.Before pump start without exclusion of air.
2.The slurry pump suction pipe system can enter air.
3.The shaft seal of slurry pump can enter air.
4.The suction line or impeller of slurry pump is clogged.

Slurry Pump
For the above reasons. The solution is as follows:
1.increase the measures to exhaust.
2.Slurry pump exclude air intake causes.
3.Adjust the packing sealing performance of slurry pump, ensure quantity and pressure of seal water.
4.Exclude slurry pump blockage.


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