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Multistage Pump Coupling Alignment

The first inspection is for multistage pump soft mechanical foot, Before the coupling alignment, the pump and the driver must be carry positioning check for "soft foot". If there is a gap between the foot and the base of machine, the machine has been loosened feet fixing points and detected by a feeler gauge. If the gap is greater than 0.05mm, the gap must be compensated with shims. If the base has not been grouting, "soft foot" can also be compensated by readjusting the base.

Before the pump and motor are coupled together, we need calibrate the coupling, and check the direction of rotation of the motor according to the steering arrow on the pump. For special occasions, installation and calibration of multistage pump coupling must be in accordance with the instructions.

Multistage pump can operate after mounting the coupling cover. After checking the coupling guard must be immediately re-check each correctly installation of multistage pump coupling cover.

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