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Multistage Pump Working Principle in Rise Building

For multistage pump, when the impeller rotates driven by the motor at high speed, the liquid in the impeller under the effect of centrifugal force, from the center of the impeller thrown to around the impeller along the flow path between the blades. Since the liquid subjected to the action of the blade, the pressure and speed also increase, the liquid is directed to secondary-level impeller through the flow path of guide housing, so that successively flows through all of the impeller and guide housing, further increases the pressure energy of the liquid. Each impeller progressively superimposed to get some delivery lift.

Multistage pump is equivalent to series connection of single-stage and multi-stage centrifugal pump, it pressurized stage by stage, so centrifugal pumps get a higher pressure to meet delivery lift.

Multistage Pump


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