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SGB is Recognized as Qualified Supplier by SINOPEC

China Petrochemical Corporation (SINOPEC) is a super-large petroleum and petrochemical enterprise group. It is a state-owned company solely invested by the state, functioning as a state-authorized investment organization in which the state holds the controlling share. SINOPEC ranked the 3rd in the Fortune Global 500 in 2014.


SINOPEC has strict requirements on supplier’s size, strength, product quality, service, delivery, etc, when purchasing all raw and auxiliary materials, and it has a set of strict supplier management system. To obtain the qualification of the product supplier, enterprises need to join the “Chinese petrochemical supplier network” first.


SINOPEC requires enterprises to have a certain level and strength to join the bidding system of the website. If enterprises want to join the bidding system, the relevant departments of SINOPEC will carry out certification audit on dozens of elements of enterprises, such as equipment level, production process, general assets, enterprise qualification, marketing situation, financial situation and service status, etc. Enterprises cannot enter SINOPEC's procurement network until the above elements reach the corresponding standards.



Recently, our company has officially passed the audit of China chemical supplies committee and become the equipment supplier of SINOPEC. After becoming a qualified supplier of SINOPEC, our company can make quotation, bidding, contact inquiry, process control and other online operations by SINOPEC materials procurement e-commerce website, participate in SINOPEC’s direct bidding, bidding organizations and the independent bidding of SINOPEC subsidiary companies. This will provide a good platform for the long-term development of our company in the future.


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