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Dredger Pump Precautions

Dredger pump is machinery to convey mud or water flushing fluid in drilling process. Dredger pump is an important part of the drilling equipment.

Before the dredger pump switched, check the inlet and outlet pipes for blockages, front and rear bearing fill butter, check the packing is full. When dredger pump work, we should be equipped with high-pressure water pump, the water greater than dredger pump pressure will be lost to the leak-proof filler, filler need be carried out protection, and not close flush pump. The gap between the impeller and the guard is reasonable, which has a great impact on the life of dredger pump. If gap is not unreasonable, it will have vibration and noise when the pump is running, flow components quickly damaged, therefore replace the impeller should pay attention to the gap to meet the requirements of the drawings.

Dredger Pump


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