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Teach You How to Slow The Impact of Desulfurization Pump

The first is the overall strength of the sealing device, it has a strong impact and vibration resistance when the pump starts;

The second is to slow down the vibration and impact of desulfurization pump when startup.

Since desulfurization pump use the linkage starter, easily form a "pneumatic hammer" phenomenon, it will exacerbate the impact of the mechanical seal. With vibration of desulfurization pumps, axial movement will be intensified, under these two factors, a very short time easily thrown mechanical seal dynamic and static ring embrittlement phenomenon, it make the mechanical seal failure during desulfurization pump starts.

Desulfurization pump starts at the beginning, because in large flow, low lift state, the seal cavity pump easily thrown negative phenomenon, known as "cavitation" phenomenon, it will cause vibration and shock.

Slow down impact of desulfurization pump, which makes the mechanical seal run in the case of the slurry lubrication, the life of mechanical seal can be guaranteed.

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