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How to Determine The Quality of Slurry Pump?

How to determine the quality of slurry pump? High-quality slurry pump can better protect the normal operation of slurry pump, so it is very important to purchase a good slurry pump for us. How to judge the quality of slurry pump?

In the purchase, first we must pay attention to the scale of production enterprises, choose a manufacturer that it has strength production, rich experience, we can know through fieldwork or qualification documents.

There are two materials in slurry pump manufacturing are relatively common generally. One is lined with metal, metal liner is common wear high-chromium alloy said by we. One is the rubber lining, rubber lining that is natural wear and corrosion-resistant rubber. Lined material accounted for a large part of the slurry pump cost. So slurry material is qualified or not, whether it can meet the requirements of corrosive media, directly determine the life of the pump.

There are many series and models about slurry pump, according to the parameters you provided, different businesses will give different selection and quotes, so the selection is particularly important.

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