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Tightness of Desulfurization Pump

Desulfurization pump has a great help for reducing sulfur dioxide emissions, it has been widely developed and used.There are many caveats about desulfurization pump, the sealing performance is the key.

The mechanical seal selection of desulfurization pump mainly depends on the medium conveyed by the pump, there is a difference in the choice of seal form. For particulate media,the pump is generally equipped with the form of back to back seal,it can effectively prevent particles from entering the seal faces, ensure the work life.

Under normal circumstances,the most commonly used method is packing seal and mechanical seal.They each have advantages and disadvantages. Mechanical seal can reduce the leakage of the pump,the structure of the mechanical seal according to the different types of pumps select a different mechanical seals.

Desulfurization pumps need improve the sealing technology and vibration capability, it also need improve operational efficiency and impact resistance. Reduce environmental pollution.

Desulphurization Pump


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