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How to Extend The Life of Slurry Pump?

In normal use, the normal daily maintenance is very important for slurry pump, which can prolong the life of slurry, today we talk about it.
1)Bearing pressurethe and amount of water should meet the requirements, adjust the tightness of packing at any time, do not cause slurry leakage, and replace bushings.
2) When replacing bearings, bearing assemblies must ensure clean, bearing temperature generally does not exceed 60-65 degrees Celsius when pump is running, the maximum not more than 75 degrees Celsius.
3) To ensure concentricity of the motor and pump,we should ensure elastic pads in couplings are complete,it should be replaced if damaged.
4) ensure that the pump components and piping systems installed correctly, firm and reliable.
5) Some parts of slurry pump belong to quick-wear parts, in daily we should pay more attention to it, If damaged timely maintenance.
6) Slurry pump inhalational piping system must be airtight state,while we should pay attention to whether there is clogging in the inlet. Medium slurry dealt with by slurry most have solid particles.Therefore, in place of the grille into the pump tank should meet the requirements of the solid particles to avoid clogging.

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