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The development of China slurry pump has experienced introducing, absorb and independently develop process. In early years of the new nation, Chinese pump equipment was in a low development level. With the state development speed up, variety of industries needed more and more kinds of centrifugal pumps. In 1950s, China established hundreds of pump factories by introducing Soviet Union technologies to produced kinds of centrifugal pumps to meet the social requirements. However, for outdated producing and manufacturing technology, the state centrifugal pumps have many disadvantages as low efficiency, short using life and poor reliability, but the imported pumps are expensive and be delivered for a long time. So they can not used in large scale places. The problems about pumps affected our economy development seriously.

In the mid-1980s, in order to meet various industries requirements and improve our slurry pump technology levels, our country had spend large fund to introduce imported pumps technologies which solve many problems as operation efficiency, reliability and maintenance aspects to satisfy most industries needs.

Simultaneously, China national slurry pump technology had researched in machinery and coal industry, but it was only in technology level. Under the direction of national policy, Chinese Academy of Coal & Science invested huge effort to research slurry pumps, established R&D group to investigate kinds of slurry pumps on society and devote to develop intellectual property high efficiency slurry pumps. At the end of 1980s, Chinese Academy of Coal & Science developed intellectual property high efficiency slurry pumps which is introduced by Shijiazhuang Industrial Pump Factory (Hereinafter referred to as SGB).

In 1989, SGB began hard promotion history of intellectual property high-efficiency slurry pumps. In the beginning, domestic customers doubted slurry pumps manufactured by SGB. In order to verify our pump quality, they arranged experiment for compare SGB slurry pumps with imported pumps, running in one system at the same time, the result was very exciting. SGB slurry pumps conquered the customers by high efficiency, low noisy, stable running and maintain easily etc. After calculation, the SGB slurry pumps running efficiency had reached over 75%, the using life time extend one time than imported pumps. After that, our slurry pumps has been accepted and great favored by market and widely applied in many industries as ash handling system of coal-fired power plants, mining beneficiation systems, chemical processes, river dredging, environmental protection power plant desulfurization system etc. Until 2006, SCB covers more than 75% market share in coal industry and 50% of domestic market share; SGB pumps were the leader of China slurry pumps and replaced imported pumps successfully in China market.

After 25 years' development, SGB accumulate full experience and continuously innovate and development. On the basis of the first intellectual property slurry pumps, SGB constantly research & develop new products to fill new types, in the meantime, we design and optimize products, improve structure, develop new materials, improve new producing and manufacturing technologies to promote the comprehensive quality of products. Nowadays, SGB has 10 types and over 300 size products. In 2010, SGB successfully introduced EPC technologies for casting manufacture and develop wear-resistant & anti-corrosion materials based on the high wear-resistant materials to meet customers' different requirements. With more than 1400 employees, 20,000 square meters site area, 10,000 annual production, Shijiazhuang Industrial Pump Factory Co.,Ltd has been the leader enterprise of China industrial pump industry.


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